Remote management and automation

ikona Baza konfiguracji komputerów oraz oprogramowania

Remote Management module includes the following functionalities

  • user’s desktop takeover with ITM agentb,
  • file and directory transfer with administrator rights,
  • command prompt with an output channel,
  • sending online messages,
  • user technical support chat,
  • process and service management,
  • system registry modification,
  • user accounts management,
  • WMI queries.

Remote Management Module Description

Each registered ITM Agent enables remote connection for on-line workstation management. The most important functionalities include: desktop takeover, remote operations, and file transfer. These functionalities are also available for workstations outside LAN.
Desktop takeover can take place after user authorization and allows you to define connection parameters, e.g., the active monitor. The administrator can send messages to the selected users and start a text chat.

The ITManager system offers a wizard that installs software packages and scripts for selected workstations, organizational and localization units, and virtual groups. You can specify a start date for each task. Additionally, ITM Agent provides feedback on the task completion status (delivered/started/completed).

The system also enables central management of user data backups, within the scope and schedule specified by the administrator. ITM Agent built-in mechanism creates a copy of the data according to the specified policy and sends the data to the indicated location.


  • capability to work remotely, without being physically present at the workstation,
  • scheduling and running application installation tasks in the background,
  • remote management functionalities unification within one ITM Agent instance,
  • access to system tools with administrator rights,
  • automation of recurring administrative tasks.

Automation Module Description

ITManager system automation module is a response to the current requirements of IT teams.

Responding to our customers’ needs and based on our engineers’ experience gathered during implementation works, we have created a tool that supports administrators in their everyday tasks.

As a result, we introduced the functionalities that have only been available so far in international Enterprise class systems.

Many of these features are available in the free LITE version of the module – orderAutomation Module LITE for Free

Automation module includes the following functionalities

  • installation tasks and policies wizard,
  • virtual workstation groups,
  • running batch files,
  • running PS scripts,
  • script execution status readout,
  • output codes (STDIN, STDOUT) readout,
  • files and folders distribution.

Automation – TASK WIZARD

The capability to create, step by step, a task that covers a specific list of workstations.
Based on the saved template, you can specify the list of task recipients and the start date. The specified workstations automatically retrieve saved tasks information and launch the intended actions.



Capability to create a policy covering a dynamic list of workstations.
The active policy must always be implemented on the specified workstations. One example is the installation of the standard-compliant applications that must always be installed on users’ computers. If a user removes an application covered by the policy, it will be automatically reinstalled.
Task and policy creation wizard allows you to specify a list of recipients, either by manual workstations selection, by selection based on organizational or location structure, or by virtual group-based selection.




Wizard-based creation of custom virtual groups, containing workstations with specific criteria.
The system contains a set of predefined attributes the user can leverage to build logical expressions with “AND” and “OR” operators to obtain the required list of workstations. Built-in attributes include computer’s hardware parameters (e.g. RAM, CPU, HDD), operating system parameters (e.g. Windows 10), etc. Saved groups can be selected as recipient lists for tasks and policies. In case of a task, a closed list of computer workstations is created from the specified list. In case of a policy, if more workstations meeting the criteria are added to the virtual group, they will automatically receive the associated policy.



A list of custom user templates containing recurring operations (e.g. installation of application X, running PowerShell script Y, distribution of Z files to the user’s desktop).
Each template contains a list of actions that can be run sequentially (e.g. close the process, upload the files, run the installation, restart the computer). Selected templates can be launched in a user session. This allows, for example, to install an application in a user interaction mode.



Remote distribution of installation files.
The selected files are encrypted and distributed to the specified recipients as packages. The automation module allows for optimization of data transfer between agents, significantly reducing the network load in case of a large number of recipients and/or large installation package size. The system also includes application installation log that shows the detailed installation status.



Files and folders can be specified as required for the selected user template. Similarly to application installation, the system delivers specific data to the indicated recipients using the built-in compression and encryption mechanisms.



Predefined template actions include:

  • Distribution and installation of:
    – MSI packages
    – MSP fixes
  • distribution and launch of:
    – BAT files
    – PowerShell scripts
    – EXE files
  • CMD execution
  • REG files distribution and import
  • files and folders distribution
  • process termination
  • system service starting, shutting down, and restarting

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