Software legality management

ikona Baza konfiguracji komputerów oraz oprogramowania

Legality Management

  • installed applications analysis,
  • purchased licenses database,
  • automatic software auditing,
  • application signatures database access,
  • licenses downgrade/upgrade mechanism,
  • assigning licenses to computers or users.
  • analysis of detected software according to organizational and location structure,
  • allowed and prohibited applications list,
  • license keys readout,
  • new applications detection notifications,
  • software scans differences alerts,
  • license documents repository (purchase invoices, license agreements).


Software legality management support (license management) begins with periodical identification of software that users install and run on their work computers. The collected data is then compared with the purchased licenses information entered into the system, allowing to build the software legality formula. Historical data storage allows for detailed analysis of individual items. The ITManager system provides the ability to independently check the software licenses compliance against the software detected on workstations.

The actual software usage monitoring module is an optional extension of the audit functionality. Using the tool, you can evaluate whether the purchased software is used efficiently or not. Example: a user has a license for Microsoft Access, but uses it actively for 5 minutes per month. The analysis also helps in planning the purchase of the appropriate number of new licenses. This translates to the overall cost optimization thereof. It also allows to transfer software licenses between employees, if necessary, in order to maximize the resources usage.


  • up-to-date knowledge of your installed software,
  • purchased licenses analysis (deficiencies, surpluses),
  • assigned licenses usage verification.

Infonet SAM Support

As the system developer, we provide consulting and auditing services as part of the License Management process.

Upon your request, our specialists will support your IT team in efficient management of software legality, i.e. Software Asset Management (SAM).


The full knowledge of owned and used software allows for optimal use of licenses. It is also a way to avoid problems resulting from discrepancies between the licenses and the installed software. Licenses use optimization translates directly into lower costs. The legality of the software is also important. It is one of the subjects of GDPR audit and may be the basis for costly fines.

As part of the service, our specialists will support your IT team in efficient management of software legality, i.e. Software Asset Management (SAM).

Service characteristics:

  • owned and installed software system audit using ITManager;
  • a dedicated engineer under the contract who:
    • supports software management processes,
    • supports software purchasing processes and assists in selecting appropriate licenses,
    • helps resolve product licensing problems;
  • access to extensive reports on software use within the company.

The contract includes:

  • ITManager system deployment for the duration of the contract, with a buyout option;
  • full audit of the customer’s environment licenses;
  • server environment licenses analysis and optimization;
  • implemented software management procedures verification and, if necessary, optimization support;
  • licenses usage status reporting on a quarterly basis;
  • full support of the company’s software life cycle, from the ordering process, through the purchase and the license storage, to the software’s end of life.

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