Complex needs and new opportunities: ITManager system at the Marshal Office of the Silesian Voivodeship


ITManager System Deployment at the Marshal Office of the Silesian Voivodeship

Every year, more and more IT systems are used in public administration. IT departments are facing new challenges and solve them with advanced technological solutions. By centralizing processes or automating tasks, time and cost savings can be achieved. The Marshal’s Office of the Silesian Voivodeship decided to modernize the existing solutions that support IT resources and processes management. In order to streamline information exchange processes and unify the existing systems, the Department of Digitization and Information Technology implemented ITManager system.

The Office is headquartered in Katowice, which is one of the main centers of the Upper Silesian Industrial Region and the largest city of the polycentric Upper Silesian agglomeration in terms of population. Selected tasks are executed outside the office’s headquarters, by the teams located in Czestochowa and Bielsko-Biala.


Choosing an IT Service Management class system for the Marshal Office of the Silesian Voivodeship

The essential tasks of the Office include providing appropriate organizational, technical, and administrative conditions, as well as providing all the required assistance to the Voivodeship local government bodies to ensure proper performance of their tasks. These tasks are carried out by a total of 1,441 employees. A state-of-the-art IT Service Management (ITSM) class system technologically supports the unit in its everyday operation by centrally managing IT infrastructure and IT processes in accordance with the best practices.

One of the requirements to be met by the new ITSM system was to automatically read the information on the computer hardware owned and applications installed. It was also important to enable fast and secure remote assistance for the Office employees. The key element of the implementation process was the stability of the existing IT environment. Users always fear the intrusion of new tools into the existing applications, systems, or devices. They also want to have access to the same scope of information the legacy system provided. With ITManager system installation and configuration, all the work was planned in detail and executed without affecting the critical infrastructure components.

Leszek Wawszczyk, the Application Management Department Director at the Marshal Office of the Silesian Voivodeship.

Remote access and user support

The integrated ITSM system also includes remote user support and a flexible tool that provides communication with the Office IT department. To ensure that, the ServiceDesk module was launched along with the Automation module. The information provided by the ticketing system allows you to automatically schedule and run selected tasks and actions. The remote user assistance process is significantly simplified, reducing the service time. The functionalities of the aforementioned modules in no way differ from Enterprise-class solutions. Moreover, they give you access to the advanced functionalities (such as tasks, policies, or virtual groups), all within a Polish ITSM class system.

We have many years of experience working with the federal and local government units, and the other public institutions. We are familiar with the needs of this sector’s IT departments of technological support for the statutory tasks. We understand how these needs evolve, and so the software evolves alongside them. Many of our implementations required a customized approach, and we are constantly improving our product based on these experiences.

Tomasz Fialkowski, Product Manager at Infonet Projekt.

User-Friendly Interface

The fear of replacing a legacy system with an updated one often stems from the difficulty of convincing users to accept a new panel design, new features or a new work logic. This is why a simple, ergonomic, and intuitive interface is so important. ITManager is configurable and customizable.

In retrospect, we can confirm that we are satisfied with the use of ITManager. The system also works well as a tool that supports remote work organization, guaranteeing continuous work of the Office and increasing the employees’ comfort of work. It allows administrators to solve both common and unusual problems, including remote installation or repair without extending users’ privileges.

Krzysztof Bregula, the Application Management Department administrator at the Marshal Office of the Silesian Voivodeship.

Pre-implementation challenges
  • Selecting and deploying a system that will optimally support ITSM resources and processes management
  • Replacing the current system with a solution that will be intuitive and user-friendly for the employees of the Office
  • Service Desk module deployment
  • Repetitive tasks optimization and automation
  • Ensuring remote user support
ITManager System Implementation Benefits
  • Multiple functionalities integration within one tool
  • Time saving with automatic IT resources inventory taking
  • Automatic remote software installation and updates
  • Remote management: remote users support
  • Efficient requests completion with a centralized request handling system
  • Incident management capability with an interdepartmental communication tool

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