ITManager system implementation at the University of Opole

Uniwersytet Opolski

When choosing an ITSM class system, we were looking for a comprehensive tool that would streamline the management and execution of my department’s tasks, automating and integrating them into one efficient system. During the period of remote and hybrid work, we were also looking for a solution that would enable remote support for academic and administrative staff. That system application proved crucial during the pandemic.

Slawomir Paszkiewicz, Director of the Center for Modern Technologies of the University of Opole.

​University of Opole

The University of Opole consists of twelve faculties and nineteen scientific institutes, cooperating with other units of the university and creating a dynamic, modern, and versatile scientific and didactic organism.

The university has a huge scientific potential, generated by its experienced staff and a multitude of specialized laboratories, IT and media centers as well as impressive library resources.

The University of Opole constantly expands and enriches its educational offer, establishes cooperation with scientific centers and businesses at home and abroad, sends students on foreign internships and exchanges (Erasmus program, Europa Master Studies), funds scholarships, gives students opportunities to realize their passions in the student government, scientific circles, as well as in the areas of culture, entertainment, and sports.

The rich educational portfolio of nearly 80 majors offered by the University of Opole guarantees comprehensive and thorough education.

The University of Opole makes a mark among other Polish universities by having the largest number of students per capita compared to other Polish voivodeships, despite Opole being the capital of the smallest of Polish voivodeships.

Practical aspects of using the system modules in the Center for Modern Technologies of the University of Opole


Resources Management Module

For the first time ever, the university was able to carry out computer hardware inventory process on such a scale in an accurate and transparent manner. A realistic inventory of owned equipment helps plan hardware and software purchases by precisely addressing investment needs.

An additional benefit is the ability to analyze active hardware and applications in real time. The ITM agent automatically monitors the startup status of the computer and the applications used by users. In the near future, its functionality is planned to be expanded with the ability to read RFID codes and thus inventory not only computer equipment, but also the University of Opole property, including furniture, laboratory equipment, etc. During the first stage, the university planst to inventory about 60,000 resources.


Remote Computer Management Module

Implementation of the module allowed remote connection to every computer at the university.
Taking over sessions without an IT professional physically present at the computer makes it easier to provide remote assistance to users and reduces the repair time. The administrator also has access to the remote operations panel that allows file transfers, script runs, and system registry management, among other things.

Streamlining the remote management process is of paramount importance with such a distributed university infrastructure.
The university actively uses ITManager on 1,400 computers.

ServiceDesk Module

The use of the ServiceDesk module has improved communication between university employees and the help desk staff.
The versatility of the module enables both web and by email requests. Managing requests with rules and group policy based logic also reduced request handling time. The flexibility of the system also allows to design and process any acceptance requests (e.g. permissions grants or equipment purchases).


Automation Module

The main task of the automation module of the ITManager system is to provide users with mandatory applications. The module’s built-in mechanism of policies and virtual groups allows you to effectively manage the defined list of installation packages and administration scripts. Saved and scheduled tasks are automatically executed in the background by a specific group of ITM agents.


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