ITManager deployment at Gorzow Wielkopolski City Hall

Urząd Miasta Gorzowa Wielkopolskiego


Gorzow Wielkopolski City Hall faced the challenge of optimising work and automating processes within its IT department. The IT Systems Management Department was also looking to improve collaboration and communication with other departments of the City Hall. The IT team of Gorzow Wielkopolski City Hall decided to implement an ITSM class system.

Why invest in a modern IT Service Management (ITSM) system?
How do the systems technologically support the local government unit in its everyday operation by centrally managing its IT infrastructure and IT processes?

Choosing an ITSM class solution

The decision to implement an integrated, modern tool for managing IT resources and processes was made in 2015. It resulted in the implementation of ITManager solution.

The City Hall IT support is provided by 10 highly specialized technicians. ITManager system covers 620 workstations.


We have many years of experience working with the federal and local government units and the other public institutions. Knowing the specific needs of these units, we constantly adjust our product to precisely respond to them.

  • – Jarosław Kaminski, Key Account Manager at Infonet Projekt.
Implemented modules and features
  • Computers and software configuration database
  • Resource and user management
  • Remote desktop and remote computer management
  • Automation
  • USB storage devices management
  • User data backup
  • User Monitoring
  • ServiceDesk
  • Network scanner
Practical application of ITManager in the IT Systems Management Department
  • Remote user support and ongoing infrastructure monitoring are invaluable.
  • Software auditing ensures the office is in compliance with the law while optimizing software purchases.
  • With the automation module, mass distribution of packages, files, and scripts was streamlined, making the office employees’ work much more convenient.

Evolution of the system’s scope of use

The system’s implementation included the launch of the ServiceDesk module for more efficient handling of the requests made by the office’s employees. In addition, the IT department of the City Hall customized the system’s functionalities to match its individual needs. As ITManager developer, Infonet Projekt took into account many concepts and ideas of the office’s IT staff, customizing the tool accordingly when developing further versions of the software.

Originally, the software was intended to support the City Hall. ServiceDesk module customization allowed for its broader application, including support for educational units, students, and parents. The City Hall employees notification system is also available as a mobile application for smartphones, so that during an emergency each employee has an easy access, even when working remotely.


Urząd Miasta Gorzowa Wielkopolskiego
Urząd Miasta Gorzowa Wielkopolskiego

Increased City Hall security

ITManager enhances the organization’s data security. The solution protects against the risk of data leak, constantly monitoring the IT infrastructure and the entire IT network.

An added benefit is the capability to block potentially harmful software, applications, and websites. The system also supports detection of anomalies, keeping administrators notified using an internal alert system.



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